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Extraterrestrial beings Ylva Falk, Gaff E, Drugmoney and Thomas Bullock are here on earth with a message from their planet Mono Ceros. A message with style, love and freedom. They will take you on a journey through time and space fighting warlords with cosmic light and powers. Its time for a new beginning. Let them prepare you for the future. They are… ᴍ☰ɢ△ Ω ᴍ☰ɢ△. Stay tuned for whats to come…

House of Drama

House of Drama is an artist collective from Paris. Two years ago, Aymeric Bergada Du Cadet (stylist), founded this glorious team joined by Igor Dewe (designer/performer), Ylva Falk (dancer/choreographer) and Amélie Poulain (dancer / Art director / stage designer).

Being part of the Underground scene in Paris, House of Drama has since a couple of years been performing during private events or fashion shows in some of the most exclusive and trendy places like Chez Regine, Nuba, Le Baron and even during Art Basel in Miami and Cannes Film Festival where their extravagant and blazing happenings caused excitement in the whole Croisette.

House of Drama is a living artwork usually performed in fashion and beauty events, concerts, music videos and art contemporary fairs.

The team of House of Drama deals with everything from art direction, scenery & special effects, lights, music & DJ’ing, production, costumes to choreography and dancing… The public is always impressed by the special atmosphere, like a daydream from famous paintings, historical scenes or modern fantasy. They can be 4 people performing or having other artists invited to perform with them. Anything is possible…

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PLANETE MIRAGE / PYRN+MDM from Planete Mirage on Vimeo.